Lovely Saturday project. These logs have been inoculated with mushroom spawn and are now tucked away for 12 months on the farm as the mycelium infiltrates. This is long term meal planning.

#fortheloveof friends, family and all of humanity, let’s do something about climate change. Great #climatemarch today. Holding hope for next week’s negotiations.

Darondo. Oh yeah.

Here’s some of yesterdays harvest from Sutton Community Farm, which goes straight into our VegBags, nice and fresh for customers. We harvested 38kg beans, 74 cabbages, 104 helpings of chard, 10.5kg courgettes, 35 cucumbers, 27kg fennel, 51kg shallots, 12.6kg leeks, 18 peppers, 46kg cherry tomatoes, 1kg mixed salad, 12kg kale, plus some basil. And of course, we had time to make a delicious farm soup for lunch, with delicious freshly baked real bread. What a lovely day.

A lovely radio hour, compiled by my friend George.

Warthog, enjoying a mud bath. Spotted in Lake Mburo National Park, Uganda (August 2014).